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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Sliding Wardrobe Designs

Swing wardrobes are great space savers that present the wardrobe unit with a sleek profile. The sliding doors cover the whole wardrobe from top to bottom and present the bedroom with a sleek storage unit that boasts a contemporary look. If you wish to give the bedroom a sophisticated appeal with a sliding door wardrobe you can opt for a mirror sliding door wardrobe that enhances the visual appearance of the room by making it look spacious and airy.

Sliding Wardrobe Designs Online

Sliding wardrobes can be used for small as well as large rooms. As the doors slide horizontally, this wardrobe will not accommodate additional floor space, which makes it good for small rooms. Likewise, large rooms can house a large wardrobe with lengthy doors running horizontally to give you complete accesses to the essentials stored in the wardrobe.

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With a sliding door wardrobe, you can designate individual sections to organize the essentials based on the frequency of its use and the ease of access you need. The only concern with a sliding door wardrobe is that it will block the view of the part of the wardrobe, which is closed when the other side is opened.

Modular Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes can save a great deal of space and you can compartmentalize the wardrobe to organise your closet in the most efficient way. Modular sliding wardrobes can accommodate your clothes and accessories including shoes, bags and more! All you need to do is choose from a wide range of sliding wardrobe designs online and get your favorite wardrobe customized to suit your space.

Swing Wardrobe

The most common type of wardrobe used in many homes are swing wardrobes. These wardrobes use hinges to connect shutters to the wardrobe unit. When buying a swing wardrobe there are a number of factors to consider in choosing the right size, based on the space available in the room. Swing wardrobes are available in shapes including L-Shaped, Pentagonal corners and triangular for you to get the best wardrobe unit suitable for the space.

Swing Wardrobe Designs Online

Wardrobe buying can a tedious affair, if you are unsure of the various kinds of wardrobe that are available to suit your needs. While wardrobes can be swing or sliding or even walk-in, you need to choose the one that is appropriate for your room. While swing wardrobes are the most common of the range, these are more commonly used owing to its convenience and functionality.

Buy Swing Wardrobes Online

Swing wardrobes have an advantage of improving visibility, thereby giving you a clear view of the entire wardrobe. As the shutters of the wardrobe open completely, you have easy access to the essentials stored in the wardrobe. The wide open space available with swing doors makes it easy for you to store the essentials in its respective compartments for better organisation.

Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Remarkable Kitchens for Exceptional Cooks

We believe in furnishing with warm shades and functional platforms to provide you with a suitable kitchen design online to get the best from your culinary skills. We present to you, kitchen designs that are a perfect blend of aesthetics and convenience. Our modular kitchen designs aim to provide you everything you need in order to put a delicious meal on the table. Kitchen accessories, appliances and ingredients are organized within kitchen cabinets, open shelves, hooks and platforms keeping in mind the aesthetics of the arrangement. Our well-crafted kitchen designs are constantly raising the bar in terms of presentation and efficiency.

Kitchen Cabinet Online Shopping

We understand that every family is unique, as is their home needs. This is why we provide a variety of kitchen interiors online to pick from. A Parallel Kitchen design makes the most of small spaces, with neat nooks for prepping and cooking along with overhead shelves and below counters. A U-Shaped Kitchen interior is a perfect blend of kitchen and dining. Workspaces are arranged along three walls, giving you an open area in the middle, for a dining table. The L-Shaped Kitchen design is ideal for large spaces and families. The extended prepping area has room for more than one cook to help put together a feast for every festival. A Straight Kitchen interior is true to its name and follows a linear assembly of cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Setting up a modular kitchen design is a long-term investment that requires careful thought and consideration. This is why we ensure that you have a hassle-free service that gives you a kitchen interior that you will love with a few easy steps. Once you have an idea of your dream kitchen interior, reach out to our designers to determine if it is the right choice for your space.Based on your preferences, our designers will bring your ideas to life by giving you a 3-D idea of your design. Giving you ample time to pin down what you need from a kitchen design. Take a look at our varied kitchen designs online.

L-shaped-kitchen Design

From no space to more space with l-shaped kitchen

A contemporary L-shaped kitchen design is all about an easy and modern living style that offers an eternal appearance. Such L shaped kitchens embed voguish designs that are ergonomically constructed to be spacious and striking to look. When it comes to furnishing an L-Shaped kitchen, then it's a perfect idea and can be done easily, so gear up for great kitchen makeover. For quick upgrade of cooking area team up with such furniture which is ergonomic and stylish. Read on to know more about the L-shaped kitchen that will make your kitchen look spacious and modern.

Why choose an L-shaped kitchen design?

A kitchen is the soul of any house that needs adequate attention while planning and designing. L-shaped kitchen designs are most suitable for kitchens with limited space. Being placed in the corner, the L-shaped design gives ample space to move around and provides great seating space.
You can consider installing an island in L-Shaped kitchen, which provides storage and seating with chairs. An L-shaped kitchen design allows you to opt for cabinets that features exquisite styling and provides a fresh look to the kitchen.

Featuring working triangle with L-shaped kitchen online

The most important feature of easy cooking is the availability of foot space in the kitchen. The efforts are reduced when you do not have to walk far to reach out for things in the kitchen. The working triangle ensures easy mobility between oven, sink, stove and refrigerator. While many struggle for counter and storage space with small kitchen, equipping it with an L-shaped kitchen gives lots of room for customization.

Give it a nifty look

The furnishing for an L-shaped kitchen can be chosen from a range of colors. Consider either matching the furnishing color with the floor or choosing neutral or counter tones to accentuate the look of your kitchen. While providing a stunning look, an L-shaped kitchen provides a perfect layout and multiple entrances for stress-free cooking. An L-shaped kitchen is not restricted to small or medium spaced kitchen. If there is enough room in the kitchen, you can consider installing a table for efficient kitchen layout and ease while working, whether chopping vegetables and doing other chores.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Top Tips to Renovate Your Home For Rent or Re-sale

We’ve always discussed about doing up new homes, but renovating an existing one for re-sale is not paid much attention to. With people getting transferred more often and staying in temporary accommodations, it often happens that homes change hands very frequently. Have you ever thought of renovating your home before renting to reselling it and didn’t know where to begin?

When renovating your home, the key point to remember is not to go overboard. Do up the home on a reasonable budget so as not to spend as much on it as what a new home would cost. Below are top tips that we think will help.

Although outward appearances may not be very relevant when it comes to apartments, independent homes could do well with some care around. The way a home looks outwardly can largely influence how attractive it is to people who want to lease, rent or buy it. For independent homes, start by pruning trees, replacing dead and tired plants, keep the front courtyard neat and tidy and make the property look fresher, spacious and light. Re-do any cracks in the pavement, resurface the driveway and keep the gates well oiled. Even small apartments can do with a new coat of paint on the exterior walls, repairing any cracks and taking care of doors and windows.


Kitchens are where homeowners spend the maximum time, so their appearance lifts the look of a home considerably. Beware of re-doing the entire kitchen though, since homeowners always have their own distinct tastes. It would be better to start by just giving the kitchen a facelift – repair chipped laminates and wood, fix handles and taps, replace whatever’s broken or severely damaged. Adding accessories such as built-in waste bins, accessory trays and hidden lighting gives kitchens a contemporary look and positively affects their re-sale value. 


Storage is one factor that all homeowners, irrespective of who they are or where they came from, always love. People are always looking at how much they can store and want to optimise every nook and cranny. In small homes especially, this is an absolute must. Build spacious Pooja rooms in the living area, lofts in bedrooms, built-in niches to store knick knacks and books if possible, wardrobes in bedrooms, drawers and shelves in kitchens. Storage spaces that are higher and set into the wall work out much better.


Bathrooms and toilets are what many people first step into the home to see. A spacious bathroom and toilet area or two of them, will make any buyer happy. It isn’t about what materials or fittings are used, but about convenience and practically which every homeowner spends on. Upgrading existing bathrooms is all about ensuring pipes aren’t leaking, taps and fittings aren’t rusted, fitting new handles and knobs and even replacing the toilet seat if required. 


Flooring is the most obvious and dominant feature in the house. Replacing floors may be too expensive, especially when older tiles have to be replaced. Instead, consider doing it for certain parts of the house or re-sand and re-seal existing floors. Grout areas of the floor with gaps or replace if it looks very stained and old. Floors affect the purchase of a home in a significant way.


Connecting home interiors to exterior spaces such as balconies and terraces make the home very attractive and livable for buyers. Rather than building or breaking anything, minor changes and additions have much impact. Build overhead roofing to protect against the elements especially in open areas, place bamboo mats or attractive screens around windows to provide privacy. Place storage and sit-out areas wherever possible and make service areas and washing areas discreet. This saves people plenty of time thereafter.

Although renovating homes is a huge task in itself and can overshoot budgets, getting rid of structures or walls if possible should be factored in. Spacious homes are attractive and create a good vibe. Small homes and apartments can do well with having a wall removed or half walls for kitchens. However the structure and its weight bearing capacity should be factored in while thinking of doing this.

There are plenty of ways to renovate a home, and plenty more in making minor changes so the space transforms into something attractive. All that home renovation requires is a bit of time, some thought and a reasonable budget.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Your fastest way to brand new Home Interior Designs

Looking for interior design solution for modular kitchen, wardrobe or full home interiors online? Then HomeLane is the perfect place to be! HomeLane makes choosing, customizing and installing a modern modular kitchens and wardrobes easy. With 1000's of online modular kitchen and wardrobe designs to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here you will find multiple expert Interior Designers, who will co-create your dream home interiors with you, offering you a diverse collection of designs, materials, and budgets to choose from. Pick from the trendy L-shaped and U-shaped to the stylish Parallel and G-shaped modular kitchens design, we guarantee you will find one that works best for your apartment, villa, or independent house. Our spacious wardrobes are perfect for modern, contemporary homes and come in a plethora of color combinations to choose from. Crafted from the finest materials and available in a number of designs and finishes, our latest modular kitchens, wardrobes and other interiors solutions are customized to suit your needs.

We understand that every home is different and help build one that is truly yours. Our customized designs and personalized service caters uniquely to your needs and helps make your dream home a reality. So, end the wait because world-class home interiors and interior designers are just a click away. 

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Google SEO Updates & Algorithm Changes in 2017

There is plenty that you need to know about SEO and the impact it has on your marketing strategy. Following SEO best practices is a must and majorly impacts the organic traffic coming to your company’s website, and your potential to get more leads and customers from those visitors. The first listing of Google search results receives a 34.36% click through rate.  2017 Google SEO Updates

Google knows how to keep busy. They are constantly fine-tuning and updating their algorithm to improve how users search and find information.

 These Google SEO updates provide a better search experience and results for users. Unfortunately for marketers and webmasters, Google also announced that many of their updates have been rolled into the core algorithm. Those updates are adjusted often, but without the announcement of major changes as was done previously. 

How can you tell if an update may have happened when Google is so unlikely to confirm it? Well, sites like Search Engine Land and Moz keep track of possible Google SEO updates, so you can check there to stay updated. Also, many tracking tools will show significant fluctuations, which can indicate an update has taken place. Following industry conversations by webmasters and SEO experts about major ranking changes, for good or bad, provides further evidence. 

Here are the recent Google SEO updates you need to know. 

March 2017 “Fred”
This unconfirmed update appeared in March. The name comes from Gary Illyes of Google, who suggested that all updates be named Fred as a joke. Well, the name stuck for this one. This update seems to target link quality within Google’s algorithm, according to Search Engine Land. This follows another spammy link update in early February, also unconfirmed.

Content Quality Update
This update came on February 7, and targeted content quality, which seems to be related to Google Panda algorithm. Many sites reported significant changes in ranking. Panda is now part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. 

Possible Penguin Update
Google’s Penguin 4.0 algorithm, which was launched in September 2016, runs in “real time.” While previous versions of Penguin could keep a site from recovering between updates, this latest version affects only single pages, not the whole website, and recovery takes place during a site recrawl. Penguin 4.0 also devalues spam, rather than penalizing the overall site ranking.

In early February, there appeared to be a Google SEO update to Penguin, according to Spinutech. This update focuses on spammy links and private blog networks, so most websites have nothing to worry about.

Google’s Mobile-First Index

Mobile search is dominating, with more than 50% of Google searches happening on mobile. Google is paying attention to this shift with its mobile-first index. The index is still being tested and is not expected to launch until at least the end of 2017, if not later. When it does go live, your company’s Google ranking will be based on the on the mobile version of your website instead of the desktop version like it is now.

Other Mobile Updates
Other mobile-focused algorithm updates have been introduced. In January 2017, Google confirmed that non-mobile friendly sites would receive penalties for interstitials such as pop ups or ads that blocked users from reaching the actual content of a site immediately. 

Search Result Emojis
Google used to support emojis in search results on mobile, but stopped in 2015. They made a comeback on all devices on February 15. Maybe it’s time to add some smiley faces to your headlines.

Stars In Local Search Results
Also in February, businesses who have only received one review will have those stars show up in local search results. Previously, a business would need to have multiple reviews before their stars would show up.

Not sure you can keep up with all of these updates and "know-how's". Let the experts handle it for you